Cogent to Present at Microsoft’s TechEd 2011

February 24, 2011. Cogent Company is pleased to announce that Ty Anderson, co-founder and Vice President of Cogent’s Application Development and Systems Integration Practice, will be delivering a session at Microsoft’s TechEd 2011 in Atlanta on May 18, 2011, at 11:30a. Mr. Anderson’s session will be titled: A Developer’s Roadmap to Building Professional Microsoft Office-Based Solutions. “This session will provide the experienced developer with an understanding of the developer technologies provided by the Office platform. In addition to providing developer samples of client-side tools like VSTO, Open XML SDK and SharePoint Designer, this session includes ready-to-use samples of server-side tools like SharePoint workflow, SharePoint Business Connectivity Services, and the various SharePoint data access methods (e.g. Client Object Model, REST API, web services, etc),” said Mr. Anderson. He went on to say, “This session also explains when to use SharePoint’s “document services”…Word Services, Excel Services, Visio Services, and Access Services. It will be a fast-paced session intent on giving the professional developer an understanding of the tools they need to begin incorporating the Office platform into their solutions.”

This is Microsoft’s 19th Annual TechEd North America conference. It’s intent is to provide deveopers and IT professional with the most comprehensive technical education for Microsoft’s current and near future products and solutions. Over the four day conference, attendees will have an opportunity to get hands-on learning, deep dives on products, and opporutnities to meet the teams at Microsoft who make these products. Microsoft wants to pull in folks who are developing, deploying, managing, securing, and mobilizing Microsoft solutions.


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