Cogent Developer Rocks Microsoft’s Developer Contest

Dallas, TX. May 2, 2011. On Friday, April 29, 2011

Jeff Burt won a developer contest sponsored by Microsoft to see who could build an application to win Rock-Paper-Scissors. The players applications ran in Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing application, data, and platform environment.

RockPaperAzureBannerMicrosoft’s version of the game is called, “Rock, Paper, Azure.” Rock, Paper, Azure is an effort to promote Azure. Microsoft has been hosting a weekly contest that pits programmers against each other in a modified rock-paper-scissors game. Each player submits a ‘bot,’ an application that executes their game strategy, to the Azure contest site. Then, each Friday, everyone’s bots get run, or play, against all the others. The player with the fewest losses wins.

For his efforts, Jeff won an Xbox 360 + Kinect.  To find our more about Rock, Paper, Azure, click here. Rock, Paper, Azure runs for six weeks, and they announce a winner each Friday. Stay tuned to see whether Jeff can win another weekly contest and how he does in the open round.