Tips & Tricks for Office 365’s SharePoint Online

Office 365 is still in beta but Microsoft is already producing a lot of content. If you are thinking of moving to the cloud to take advantage of things like SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, & Lync (not to mention Office 2010 Professional Plus)..then this podcast is worth you time. The podcast is 60 minutes and is filled with tips for using Office 365.

To me, one of the most compelling features of Office 365 is the various document services that are part of SharePoint Online. It has services for Word, Excel, Visio, and Access. Early in my career I developed lots of Access-based applications and I believe Access + SharePoint Access Services is a winner. We use them internally at my consulting firm, Cogent Company. I’ll have more to say about them later. For now, you can learn about them and other topics by listening to the podcast.

End User Tips and Tricks for Office 365: Focus on SharePoint Online

Are you wondering what Microsoft SharePoint Online is and how it impacts your organization? Are you curious about what role it can play in your employees’ productivity experience? Join us for a fast-paced 60-minute session that is designed to highlight the most exciting features of SharePoint Online. An instructor showcases a tip or a feature every few minutes, which provides you with a broad and real-world understanding of what the platform can do for your users. Topics include collaborating with team sites, simplifying document access through Microsoft Office Web Apps, coauthoring content by using Microsoft Office and SharePoint Online, automating business processes, and improving communication with Microsoft Lync Online integration.