Leverage Microsoft Benefits to Expand Your Business in the Cloud

November 28, 2011. Dallas, TX. Stake your claim in the rapidly growing capabilities of the cloud market and expand your business with public cloud with Windows Azure Deployment Planning Services (AZDPS). As an Azure Circle Partner, Cogent can provide Microsoft customers with Software Assurance (SA) customers the exclusive benefit of structured consulting engagements that provide training and demos of applications on Windows Azure. Cogent can help you plan, build, deploy, manage, and support applications in the cloud and leverage the benefits of cloud computing in a flexible, rapid and viable manner with Windows Azure.

The Windows Azure platform is a flexible cloud–computing platform that supports applications, data, and infrastructure in the cloud, together with a cloud marketplace. The Windows Azure platform reduces the level of upfront investment required for expensive infrastructure and allows you to exploit Internet-accessible servers rather than buying and maintaining your own machines. With the Windows Azure Platform you pay only for what you use, scale up when you need capacity and pull it back when you don’t. Microsoft handles all the patches and maintenance – all in a secure environment with over 99.9% uptime.

The Windows Azure Platform today has four parts:

  • Windows Azure: A Windows environment for running applications and storing data on computers in Microsoft data centres.
  • SQL Azure: Relational data services in the cloud based on SQL Server.
  • Windows Azure AppFabric: Cloud-based infrastructure services for applications running in the cloud or on premises.
  • Windows Azure Marketplace: An online service for purchasing cloud-based data and applications.

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