Change Your Business with Cloud, Analytics, or Mobile Solutions

Cogent Company is announcing the expansion of its QuickStart services. If your firm is ready to take advantage of solution possibilities now available in the cloud, with advanced analytics, or through mobile platforms, these offerings will help you identify how to lower product and service delivery costs, improve productivity and profitability, and improve your customer satisfaction. We are pleased today to announce the launch of three new QuickStart services for 2012:

  • Cloud QuickStart
  • Analytics QuickStart
  • Mobile QuickStart

These three solution domains are important for not only Chief Information and Technology Officers, but also for all executives to understand. Cloud, analytic, and mobile solutions are all changing how we build and use software systems to improve business performance. Because of this, business executives need to plan how each will impact their business.

In a brief statement to CIOs at a recent private event sponsored by Cogent, Cogent’s President and Chief Executive Officer encouraged CIOs to “include business executives in the discussion of the promise of new technologies.” He also said that “technology executives have an opportunity to shape the culture and future of their firms by showing their users and business customers that technology can be the lever to a more efficient firm.” He went on to say, “CIOs and CTOs are in the unique position to extract more value from existing systems by incremental investment in newer technology, including cloud, analytics, and mobile. These incremental type technology solutions present the opportunity to yield asymmetric benefit to the financial and time investment required.”

In 2009, Cogent launched the Program Management Office (“PMO”) QuickStart to help its clients get a PMO planned and off the ground. In the years since that offering was launched, Cogent Consultants have helped clients plan and implement proofs of concepts, trial solutions, and phase 1 solutions around not only PMOs, but also full-lifecycle projects for business intelligence solutions, mobility solutions, and cloud solutions.

Eric Lakey, Cogent Vice President responsible for Service Delivery and Advisory Services practice leader, said of the final QuickStart Guidance deliverable, “These RoadMaps are not just ‘sales’ documents. We work to prepare guidance that our client firms can take and use with or without us participating. Of course, these are services that we are very good at delivering, but we want to make sure our clients understand that we are most interested in improving their results.”

Cogent’s QuickStart services provides you with meaningful guidance regarding to what extent cloud, analytics, or mobile solutions can have a positive impact on your business. The Cloud Assessment gives you:

  1. A structured, four-hour discovery workshop: Cogent consultants will interview key leaders at your company. We cover the major operational functions in your company and identify opportunities for adopting cloud-related services. We do this by finding technology or processes that allow current technology to be replaced or enhanced with cloud, analytics, or mobile solutions.
  2. Cloud Guidance Roadmap: Upon completion of the workshop, Cogent’s consultants will produce a QuickStart Guidance document that includes our recommendations & roadmap for cloud, analytics, or mobile initiatives in 2012.

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