Free Cloud Assessment Workshop

Cloud computing is changing how we build and utilize software systems.

Given the cloud’s promise of lower costs and increased performance, you (the leaders of your company’s technology and/or business units) need to plan how the cloud will impact your business.

You don’t want to allow it to happen. You need to make it happen.

Plan Now How Your Company Will Leverage the Cloud in 2012.

If you are looking to adopt the Cloud in 2012 and/or find yourself needing to…

  • Migrate on-premise software solutions to utilize cloud services
  • Use variable computing power for operational or analytic applications
  • Mitigate the high cost of growing volumes of SharePoint data
  • Blend your operational expenses and capital expense
  • Ramp up an incentive-oriented social or traditional incentive campaign with incremental traffic?

Then you need our free Cloud Assessment. This short, 2 hour workshop,will pinpoint areas where adopting the cloud services like Microsoft Azure will  make a positive impact.

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*You only need to schedule the assessment by this deadline. The assessment workshop will held at a mutually agreeable time.


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Knowing how to take advantage of the cloud solutions will determine how you:

  • manage your technology assets and resources
  • manage your financial assets
  • determine how & where you can grow your business in ways previously not obvious.
  • improve customer care and customer relationships

Cogent’s Cloud Assessment provides you with meaningful guidance regarding to what extent the cloud can have a positive impact on your business.

When you engage Cogent, we help you think through your cloud options with Azure.

The Cloud Assessment gives you:

  1. A structured, four-hour workshop: Cogent consultants will interview key leaders at your company. We cover the major operational functions in your company and identify opportunities for adopting cloud-related services. We do this by finding technology or processes that allow current technology to be replaced with cloud technology or where cloud technology can introduce a capability not currently able to be delivered.
  2. Cloud Guidance Roadmap: Upon completion of the workshop, Cogent’s consultants will produce a Cloud Guidance document that includes our recommendations & roadmap for cloud initiatives in 2012.

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