Cogent Celebrates the SQL 2012 Launch!

On March 7, 2012, Microsoft will release SQL Server 2012 during a virtual release event. Cogent will host a Virtual Launch Party for its clients, partners, and consultants at its Dallas, TX, headquarters.

Join us on March 7, 2012, at Cogent Company headquarters and be a part of the SQL Server 2012 Virtual Launch Event. If you can’t join us live, then join at the virtual event site. You will have access to over 30+ sessions to learn about the new capabilities of SQL Server 2012 at your own pace, on your own schedule. This event brings together a who’s who of industry experts and executives to tell the SQL Server 2012 story in this unique online launch event. You will also “meet” with partners, experts, and peers in a virtual “Expo Hall” to discuss SQL Server 2012 one-on-one.

On March 7th, 2012, this online event will allow you to immerse yourself in the exciting new world of data with SQL Server 2012. Engage not only Microsoft product teams, but with our partners and our most ground breaking customers. SQL Server 2012 is part of the broadest Data Platforms in technology today. Discover how it enables mission critical confidence, blazing fast performance, and stunning interactive data visualizations.

Hear keynotes from two lauded Microsoft SQL Product Group Veterans:

  • Ted Kummert. Corporate Vice President, Business Platform Division, Microsoft. Join Ted Kummert as he explores the Microsoft data evolution vision. As data continues to explode, executives are facing a sea of change and exploring short and long-term solutions to handle this unprecedented growth. The new world of data brings organizations an incredible opportunity to access, blend, and analyze traditional and non-traditional data for new business models and opportunities.
  • Quentin Clark. Corporate Vice President, Database Systems Group, Microsoft. Join this launch session to get a high-level look at what’s new in SQL Server 2012, the cloud-ready information platform. Through SQL Server 2012, Quentin will address some of the tough issues facing IT organizations today; mission critical SLAs that are simply expected, the explosion of data volumes and the need to get insights from this data, and the evolution into the virtualized world—all backed by product demos from SQL Server product experts.

If you are technical, and you would like to grab the latest and greatest versions of Microsoft SQL and the related technology, follow this link. The Base ImageX Server is a virtual machine that can be hosted in Hyper-V that allows a user to test out the latest Business Intelligence features of SQL Server 2012 – RC0. The virtual machine has been configured to support the use of PowerView reports, PowerPivot Excel documents and various content packs allowing the user to explore the capabilities of SQL Server 2012. Working with the demos that can be installed on the ImageX server the user will have a clear picture of how the SQL Server 2012, Office and SharePoint tools support and enhance the self-service business intelligence environment.

Two opporutnities to hear the Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Lauch Event:

For more information on either way to join the SQL Server 2012 launch, contact Memory Bobbitt at