Cogent Deepens Relationship with QlikView

Today, Cogent is announcing the deepening of a growing partnership with QlikView. Cogent is continuing its relationship as a Solution Provider in the QlikView Qonnect program. In this role, Cogent will be able to not only represent QlikView in software negotiations, but continues to demonstrate its specialty in QlikView business discovery solutions.

Gartner is talking about the BI market splitting into two parts: One part is the traditional BI solution focused on delivering reports. The second is a BI solution focused on the serving the business user, which they call data discovery and QlikView calls Business Discovery. QlikView’s Business Discovery moniker reflects who actually uses the QlikView technology, what they do with it, and the value it delivers.

“We believe that traditional BI solutions, which are primarily report-centric architectures, still have a role in helping firms make decisions. However, these solutions aren’t well-suited to meeting the changing needs of business users who need to directly interrogate and interact with the data in a self sufficient manner,” says Marc Hoppers, Managing Partner of Cogent Company. Indeed, Gartner says businesses need tools focused on business users and that QlikView is the poster child for this new end user-driven BI approach. Gartner acknowledges that business users are now more vocal, demanding and influential than ever. QlikView gets the highest scores from Gartner for end-user customer experience, vendor success, and business benefit outcomes.

“QlikView gives us a unique way to offer our clients a business discovery solution to fill the hole that traditional BI solutions often leave in the decision making technologies firms employ,” says Hoppers. Cogent will be offering a complete set of implementation, training, and support services, which it will announce early in May.