In the Booth at SharePoint TechFest

Cogent Company, Title Sponsor of SharePoint TechFest 2012, today announced the theme and several events demonstrations that will be in their booth on the TechFest exhibition floor on Thursday, May 17, 2012. The theme for this year’s booth will be, “Are You Investing in the Past or the Future?” In addition to an exciting raffle in our booth, Cogent will highlight three solution concepts through demonstrations that will run through the day: business discovery and insights, social business processes, and innovation and idea management.

  • Business Discovery and Insights. Traditional BI solutions delivered the same thing for years: static monitoring reports that addressed only a fixed set of predetermined questions. But suddenly there’s a radical shift shaking things up, and the force behind the transformation has caught many by surprise. Empowered consumers are demanding the same functionality at work that they get from their personal technology: targeted, task-specific apps that are simple and fun to use, instant answers to any question, advice and opinions from friends and experts, and mobile access to tools and information anywhere, anytime. This solution will demonstrate how to satisfy these capabilities and more with SharePoint, Azure, and QlikView.
  • Social Business Processes. Business processes are a part of every organization. Many are ad hoc in nature, vary in scope and complexity, and may be automated, paper-based, or both. Some are represented by a process diagram, complete with boxes, arrows, decision points, and conclusions. These may look great on paper- if you have them on paper. This solution designed for SharePoint 2010 takes these various business processes and helps organizations add structure and people to process. The result is Social Business Processes that drive effectiveness (making the right decision) and efficiency (doing things right).
  • Innovation and Idea Management. Increasingly, companies are competing based on their ability to effectively innovate. Whether it’s finding the next great product idea to generate more revenue or continuously assessing and improving your existing processes to streamline them and drive down costs, the impact to the bottom line can be significant. This solution will demonstrate how you can use SharePoint 2007 and 2010 to help with new product development, process improvements, responses to RFPs, and new market innovation and provide you with a vision for how you can use the solution in so many other ways.

The schedule for these demonstrations will be announced the week of the event. Make sure to come by Cogent’s booth at SharePoint TechFest to meet Cogent’s consultants, see demonstrations of Cogent’s solutions in SharePoint, Azure, and QlikView, and talk about your organization’s needs and how SharePoint, Azure, and SharePoint-compatible software solutions can address those needs. Also, don’t miss Cogent’s consultants as they present some of the latest work and thinking we’ve been doing around SharePoint.

SharePoint TechFest 2012 is the largest SharePoint Conference in the Central Region of the United States. On Thursday, May 17, 2012, the fourth SharePoint TechFest 2012 will feature a keynote presentation and 20 break-out sessions.

Register Now for SharePoint TechFest using discount code COG50 in the discount code box to receive a special rate of $149, which includes the full day event, lunch, reception, give-a-ways, and so much more.

Thursday, May 17, 2012
8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Irving Convention Center
500 Las Colinas Boulevard West
Irving, Texas 75039