The Future of Decision Technologies in North Texas

On October 26th, 2012, the Center for Decision and Information and Technologies at the College of Business at the University of North Texas will present a seminar on the Future Business Directions and the Job Market for Information Technology and Decision Science. The seminar will focus on a presentation and open discussion of three professors view of future directions in ITDS, followed by an analysis, assessment and discussion of the ITDS job market/trends in Texas. In preparing for this fall session, UNT Director of Center for Decision of Information and Technology, Jerry L. Dake, PHd, said, “we’re hoping to generate the usual level of executive-level discussion among executives that we usually have at these seminars. There’s a great amount of change in decision technologies and practices, and we are hoping to highlight how the companies in North Texas are involved in that change.”

Seminar participants include:

  • Dr. Jerry L. Dake. Senior Lecturer and Executive Director Center for Decision and Information Technologies, College of Business. Jerry has also taught at the Naval Postgraduate School, was an Associate Professor of finance at Georgia Tech; in between Georgia Tech and UNT he spent 30 years in industry.  He has worked with The Coca-Cola Company, Systemhouse, SSA and IBM in both domestic and international assignments.  Dr. Dake has been “surveying the future”; since the 1990’s and has been analyzing the jobs market for Texas since 2006
  • Dr. Jack D. Becker, Associate Professor of Information Technology and Decision Sciences Department, College of Business. Jack has been with UNT; since 1986.  His teaching and research interests include Data Warehousing & Data Mining,  Database Management Systems (DB2, ORACLE, ACCESS), Decision Support Systems & Executive Information Systems.  Jack is very active it the Society of Information Management and has been a member of the STEM committee effort to develop increased enrollment in the ITDS department.  He has been working on assessing the job environment for assessing job opportunities for ITDS majors since 2006.
  • Mr. Vess Johnson (PhD Candidate). Research Analyst with Information Technology and Decision Sciences Department, College of Business. Vess is a Research Analyst at the Center for Information Technologies and Decision Sciences, a Partner at SOLIDexecutive, on the board of Logic Refinery and is pursuing his PhD in ITDS at UNT.  Vess has over 20 years of industry experience serving as President and CEO of several companies in the software, semiconductor and consumer electronics sectors including: XyEnergy, SemiSouth Laboratories, Nascentric and Silicon Metrics.  In addition, he held senior management positions at Magma Design Automation, Harris and Intergraph. In industry Vess specialized in building strategic alliances, increasing stability and overall organizational performance, and managing start-ups, business consolidations/turnarounds and LBOs.

Recently, Marc Hoppers, Founder and Managing Partner at Cogent Company, said, “Jerry, Jack, and Vess have been doing a longitudinal study of job trends in IT in Texas that’s unprecedented in this market. There’s no one thinking like these guys think about the actual data in the hiring market.”

On Friday, October 26th, 2012, The CDIT will host a seminar on the results of an ongoing study of job trends and history in North Texas. Don’t miss this great opportunity to hear how the market you’re hiring from is affected by trends, both real and imagined.

To join Cogent Company at this seminar, you can email info@cogentcompany or call 214.341.1004 ext 311.