Algorithms and Analytics for Fun and Profit… Final Spring CDIT Event

The Center for Decision and Information Technologies at the University of North Texas, along with its sponsors, including Cogent Company, will host its Spring Seminar at Las Colinas Country Club on Friday, May 17th. Join us to hear from specialists in using algorithms and work flow to make new information from old data. We’ll discuss the newest concepts in applying mathematics and statistical concepts in multiple industries. We will hear from several speakers, including…

  • Mark Schwartz. Bloomberg. Bloomberg is news, data, analytics, and insight. Come hear how Bloomberg integrates data from multiple structured and unstructured sources to create new value and enable decisions.
  • Nick Evangelopolous, Associate Professor, Department of Information Technology and Decision Sciences, University of North Texas. Ph.D. in Business – Decision Sciences, Washington State University, Nick will present the latest in the development of monetizing algorithms and using applied mathematics to improve decision making. Nick focuses his teaching effort on quantitative methods and statistics. He focuses his research on data mining and data warehousing, text mining, change-oint analysis, probability modeling and applied statistics
  • Jerry Dake, Director of the Center for Decision and Information Technologies and Senior Lecturer at the University of North Texas, will lead a panel discussion on how big data is being applied in various industries as well as some of the experiences that companies are having as they apply big data concepts to their business problems.

The event begins at 8:30a and should conclude by 11:30a. Breakfast and beverages will be served. Don’t miss a great opportunity to join a dynamic conversation and hear what your peers are doing to solve data and analytic problems in their businesses.

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