The New World of Data and Modern Application Life Cycle

Last Thursday, April 4, 2013, Cogent Company sponsored and exhibited at the Innotech Dallas and SharePoint TechFest. There were two themes in the Cogent booth on the exhibit floor:

  • The new world of data… we had our New World of Data presentation running that highlighted the newest features available in SQL2012. Pretty cool presentation. There has never been a more <!–more–>exciting time with respect to the world of data. We are seeing the convergence of three significant trends that are fundamentally transforming the industry. The first is the explosion of data, which is being discussed quite broadly today. The second is the ushering in of a new era of tech innovation in areas like social, mobile, advanced analytics and machine learning. And finally, we are in the midst of a radical reshaping of the economics of computing.
  • Second, we had our presentation on how the modern application lifecycle is changing and how Visual Studio is at the forefront of helping folks who build and manage the building of apps get a lot better at their craft. Hopefully, this sparks more discussion.</p> Software delivery is a cross-functional team effort that requires diverse functions to integrate in delivering the value envisioned for software investments. The Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management cause is to enable organizations to integrate cross-functional teams in delivering a continuous flow of business value through software investments.

These presentations are at the core of two of Cogent’s offerings: Business intelligence and custom application development services.