Use Azure IaaS to Host SharePoint Presentation

On Thursday, April 4, 2013, Cogent Company Partner, Eric Lakey, presented Cogent’s latest research on how to host SharePoint on the Azure Infrastructure as a Service (“IaaS”) solution at SharePoint TechFest 2013 at the Irving Convention Center. “We’ve been continually impressed with what Microsoft is doing with their Azure platform,” Lakey said. “That we can put SharePoint on Azure now in an IaaS service gives our clients a unique way to leverage SharePoint in ways never before considered.”

Lakey used his presentation to talk through several of the unique ways that SharePoint can be used on IaaS in his presentation, including some work that our consultants have done to enable SharePoint farms to be deployed in a matter of minutes using a special configuration mechanism. In addition the benefits of using SharePoint on Azure’s IaaS platform, Lakey discussed the reasons why a firm wouldn’t want to use Azure for SharePoint hosting.

As is so often the case, Cogent’s consultants have developed a method and tool for evaluating the financial justification of determining whether and to what extent Azure’s cloud infrastructure is used, the Amazon cloud insfrastructure is used, or a firm should invest in their own infrastructure. We are happy to make a limited version of that tool is available to those who are interested. Follow this link to request access to the tool.