Bloomberg and Unstructured Data at Final CDIT Spring Seminar

On Friday, May , 2013, Cogent Company hosted the final Spring meeting of the Center for Decision and Information Technology at Las Colinas Country Club in Irving, TX. Along with CDIT Sponsors, The City of Denton, Interstate Batteries, Atmos Energy, and Fidelity Investments, Cogent Company welcomed Mark Schwartz, head of Bloomberg’s newest product using data analysis to understand the supply chain of companies from various industries. Mark’s presentation was a live demonstration of the new Bloomberg product, which operates on the same type of platform as traditional Bloomberg terminal products. Using publicly available filings, news releases, and Bloomberg’s own analysis, this product will graphically show the supply chain of most public firms. The current market for this product are financial 2013-05-17 10.29.11analysts, who research investment targets in various places in supply chains.

After Mark presented, Nick Evangelopolous, Associate Professor, Department of Information Technology and Decision Sciences, University of North Texas, discussed his research on how companies are using unstructured data to exploit new opportunities in their markets. Nick not only presented case studies, but he also walked through a methodology that he’s developing to help companies exploit this new approach to data. You can find his presentation here: CDIT_May-17-213_TextAnalytics_v1.

Cogent Company’s involvement with the University of North Texas College of Business and the Center for Decision and Information Technology goes back to its founding. “UNT continues to lead the way in how students are taught at the intersection of technology and business,” said Marc Hoppers (UNT ’92, ’96), Cogent Company Founder and Managing Partner, said after the event. “The CDIT is an example of not only the leading academic thinking that’s happening in the College of Business, but it’s also a resource for professionals across the region. We’re happy to continue our association with CDIT.”

After the event, Jerry Dake, Ph.D., Director of the Center for Decision and Information Technologies and Senior Lecturer at the University of North Texas College of Business, said, “We’re grateful to all our member sponsors and for Cogent Company, who hosted us today at Las Colinas Country Club. We’re looking forward to growing membership in the CDIT and expanding our influence in both the academic and business community in the region.”

More information on the Center for Decision and Information Technologies can be found here. If you are interested in finding out more about membership in the center, email us at