Unlock the Power of Self-Service BI

Today’s self-service BI technology has given IT professionals a unique opportunity to become champions to their business. What’s the key to success? For starters, you need to rethink the way you deliver self-service BI to your organization. As Gartner Research explains:

“The first step to delivering self-service BI is to recognize that ‘we’re doing it wrong’—and have been for the past decade. The first mistake we made was in the organizational model. Centralized, IT-dominated BI teams are not conducive to empowering end users. BI leaders should replace the existing vendor-customer relationship that persists between IT and the business with a cross-functional team that blends IT and business skills.”

IT organizations dream of providing self-service BI to business users, but they struggle with users’ analytical skills and issues of data Standing out from the crowdgovernance. This report explores three best practices to help IT professionals achieve success:

  • Change long-held beliefs about the right BI organizational model and technical capabilities
  • Establish governance of BI content creation and dissemination
  • Invest in consumerization technologies to increase adoption

Learn more about delivering self-service BI — and find out how the QlikView Business Discovery platform eliminates traditional barriers to BI success for both IT and the business users it serves.

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