The CLOUD… Changing Economics… Changing Business


  • Is it a trend?
  • Is it here to stay?
  • Hasn’t it been here before?
  • Will it increase or decrease my costs?
  • Is it just an end on the pendulum of how to host applications and data solutions?

Our view is: The answer is yes to all these questions. We believe the cloud is as much a financial solution, as much as it is a technology solution. And, making decisions on how to use the cloud is more important now than ever before because of the solutions available. Microsoft’s Windows Azure solution is an important, different type of solution for today’s modern, hybrid technology infrastructure. The economics and technology capabilities offered by this and other cloud solutions are changing the economics of businesses. Join us to hear how Cogent Company is changing the way to think about how to integrate a cloud capability into your business, as well as an approach for managing the risk of introducing cloud-based solutions to your business.

Join executives who are facing decisions on cloud from both a technology and financial perspective. Cogent Company and it’s research team have developed an approach for risk management on these cloud solutions. Everyone who joins us will receive a copy of our latest report on how the cloud is changing not only the economics of improving efficiency and visibility to data, but also how cloud solutions are changing businesses. This report is scheduled for release in early November. .

Register now to join executives who are facing decisions on using cloud as a transformational technology on Tuesday, October 29th at Glen Eagles Country Club, from 11:30a to 1p.

Gleneagles Country Club
5401 West Park Boulevard
Plano, TX 75093