Live Webinar on Data Visualization: Tell the Right Story

Whether your data is in a warehouse, a production database, an Excel spreasheet, or some other structured or unstructured ‘place,’ you still have to pull data together to visualize it and tell a story. You and your data have important stories to tell, and data visualization is often the most engaging and intuitive way to tell them.

Join us for a live webinar on May 20th to learn how to ensure your data is telling the right story:2013-10-04 22.39.52

  • Understand the different between design and data visualization
  • Achieve a consistent design and increase user acceptance
  • Improve data clarity and impact through better visualization
  • Bring design and visualization together for better QlikView applications

Join us on May 20th at 1pCDT for a live webinar entitled, Data Visualization: Tell the Right Story.Click here to register now, and don’t miss a great opportunity to get some fresh ideas on how to visualize your data.

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