Hoppers to Speak at Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference

On Wednesday, July 16th, 2014, Marc Hoppers, Founder and Managing Partner at Cogent Company, will participate on a panel discussion at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference on the role of business leaders in civic engagement. Other participants on the panel will be Naomi Moneypenny, Chief Technology Officer at Synxi, Shahin Kohan, President at AIMS360, and Emilie Hersh, Chief Executive Officer at Interknowlogy. The session will be moderated by Jonathan Friebert, Director of External Affairs at Microsoft.

“We have seen many partners of Microsoft benefit from becoming knowledgable and participating in public policy,” said Friebert. “These partners who are speaking on this panel are some of our most active leaders in matters of policy at both the state and federal level.”

The title of the session at WPC will be, “Growing Your Business through Civic Engagement” and the description of the session is as follows:

Have you ever wondered how to have greater influence in the policy making that directly affects your business? Join us in this panel session and hear from partners involved with the Voices for Innovation (VFI) program on how political and community involvement helped them grow as business leaders and generate new business leads.

For more information on Microsoft’s WPC, you can click here or email Cogent at info@cogentcompany.com