Managing Your Big Data to Achieve Insights for Better Decisions

Cogent Company, Qlik, and Cloudera together welcome you to the Big Data virtual event of the year on June 24th from noon to 4:00 PM CDT.

There are common denominators to data challenges across most industries and segments. The sheer data explosion is even more complicated when compounded by disparate data sources, and complex data management landscapes. And even when you think you have a handle on data, what are you prepared to do with it? Is BI adopted in the organization…can your data be visualized, explored, and understood to answer the next question?

Together, technologies from Qlik and Cloudera simplify Big Data.  From the power of an enterprise data hub to the potential of QlikView Business Discovery and Visualization, we will share experiences and insights to help you solve your Big Data challenges.


This virtual event is open to all.  Some content will be especially pertinent to IT and those with Supply Chain or Sales and Marketing areas of focus. From analysts to executives, users through technologists, the conversation will be engaging, hands-on and provide you with valuable, take-away insights. You can register here.


Our event offers general session keynotes as well as self-selected breakout tracks to maximize your learning experience. We’re flexible.  Move from track to track.  Listen in on demand. Explore the virtual environment and visit with experts in the Qlik and Cloudera booths. You can register here.

Network, chat, ask questions, be social.  And hey, you can win cool prizes too.


Timelines are approximate. Our agenda is expanding daily.

1:00 PM ET

 Dave Milman, Cloudera
 Director, Systems Engineers, South Central

Unlock What Your Data is Trying to Tell You
While all of your data may be stored in a Hadoop powered data hub, value is only achieved when users can find relevant information and create business supporting data products.  In this session we’ll discuss how end users can find, explore and benefit to rapidly create data products.

 PeggySue Werthessen, Qlik
 Technical Product Marketing Senior Manager

The Democratization of Big Data
Big Data is certainly a hot topic. But as with any hyped technology, the topic of big data is starting to lose its initial luster. part of the reason for this is that many firms that made big investments in big data are still struggling to find the promised value. Hiring more and more (expensive) data scientists is not a viable solution. The problem which was well stated by Tom Davenport is that “Big Data is too important to be left to the quants”.  Innovative firms understand that innovation can come from anywhere not just a select few individuals. Therefore what is needed is a way to reduce the bottleneck that prevents all business users from gaining benefit from big data so that firms can unlock the true potential of this valuable resource.

2:00 PM ET

IT Track

 Mark Donsky, Cloudera
Director, Product Management

Data Governance and Business Agility
With so much focus on big data, its not surprising that many organizations lose focus on key initiatives like data governance along the way. All data, big or small, should be governed across the enterprise. Join us to hear the requirements in Hadoop to support your data governance initiatives. 

 PeggySue Werthessen, Qlik
Technical Product Marketing Senior Manager

Making Big Data Interactive
The Big Data landscape can be confusing to navigate. As technologists it is easy to get lost amidst the sea of tools and technologies geared at storing and processing Big Data. This is highlighted by the fact that businesses are increasing their investment in Big Data at the very same time that they struggle to determine how to get value from it. It is important to remember the reason we invest in these technologies in the first place – to bring value to the business. In this discussion, we will look at a strategy for gaining the most value from our Big Data investments by ensuring that the business-users are not forgotten in our quest to drive value from Big Data.


Sales and Marketing Track

 Dave Shuman, Cloudera
Subject Matter Expert, Retail & CPG

Customer 360: The Integration and Infrastructure for Enhanced Visibility
Delivering on the 360-degree view of a customer or entity with big data is about being able to integrate all the data elements that enable the enhanced visibility.  This session will discuss a framework for 360-degree integration and the infrastructure behind data fusion and data integration.

 Bob Hardaway, Qlik
 Solutions Architect

Leveraging the Power and Potential of Big Data to Complete the View of Every Customer
In this rapidly changing world of online sales and marketing, companies are under severe pressure to improve the way they interact with, manage and satisfy customer needs. The adage, “it is much cheaper to keep an existing customer than find a new one” is more relevant than ever in an environment where customers have many options and churn between vendors is unavoidable.

Traditional Customer Analysts processes suffer from classic problems: incomplete data, missing associations and the inability to provide timely answers to key business stakeholders. Big Data has the potential to dramatically improve these processes by infusing them with better, more complete and accurate information and QlikView becomes the perfect delivery mechanism to deliver the insights from this analysis directly to every related business stakeholder.

Customer interaction, retention, and satisfaction is universal, from reducing churn as a telco services provider, to improving patient experience and reducing hospital stay duration as a health care provider, to reducing fraudulent transactions as a credit card provider, your ability to identify customer behaviors and address their issues in a timely fashion is more critical today than ever before.  QlikView + Cloudera for Customer 360 Analytics provides a unique and powerful solution for every business.

Supply Chain Track

 Karim Lokas, Camstar Systems
 Senior Vice President, Strategy, Product & Marketing

Optimizing Supply Chain with Big Data
Today’s leading manufacturers are leveraging Big Data to capture store-level transaction data over long periods of history to drive more accurate merchandising and supply chain decisions.  This session will discuss how to big data technology to drive supply chain optimization.

 Tom Haas, Qlik
 Senior Director, Global Market Development

Big Data in the Supply Chain, A Dimension of Opportunity
Tom Haas elaborates upon the pressures and challenges faced by decision makers in Supply Chain Management. The Supply Chain is a complex system with many component processes; balancing priorities across the entire system entails making trade-offs. Business Discovery allows users to gain insight and visibility into their data that they would not otherwise glean from sometimes disparate and siloed processes. Yet, Big Data adds another big dimension to consider with respect to the Supply Chain. Mr. Hass explores the topic further and shares anecdotal case examples of leaders exploring the What’s Next with their data.


3:00 PM ET

We are pleased to welcome our customer speaker to the stage.

 Tod Davis, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
 Manager, BI & Data Warehousing


4:00 PM ET

Let’s close out our exciting day with insightful perspective from thought leader Cindi Howson.

 Cindi Howson, BI Scorecard, Founder

The Big Bang: Big Data, Cloud, and Visual Discovery
A competitive business environment demands agility and faster time to insight, despite ever growing volumes of data. The convergence of three technologies—big data, cloud, and visual data discovery—promises to provide companies of all sizes with that agility. Yet security and stability of cloud platforms remain a top concern. How can you blend the best of both worlds? Will Hadoop replace the data warehouse? And how do you leverage visual data discovery and empower users while also ensuring trust and governance? In this concluding webcast, analyst and author Cindi Howson will share her views on these trends and recommend a strategy for leveraging the industry innovations.


4:30 PM to Close ET
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