IT Due Diligence & Assessment Services Launch

Cogent Company’s IT Due Diligence & Assessment (DD&A) services provide the experience and insight organizations need for a comprehensive pre-merger or pre-acquisition analysis of a target company’s IT infrastructure and organization or the baseline for a health and capabilities check of a company’s IT organization. Cogent’s rework of its DD&A services is in response to conversations with executives at client companies who have a very infrastructure- and budget-centric view of their technology capabilities. These kinds of one-dimensional perspective on the current state limit the true understanding of the IT capabilities and their alignment to past or future investments. Whether a client is contemplating a merger, developing 100-day plans post M&A, or attempting to assess whether a strategic investment can be made in a business model change, a lack of understanding of a company’s IT capability can limit investment returns or integration plans. Often, we see that these kinds of limited returns rarely are dependent on systems. We find that processes and organization become the biggest factors.

The goal of our DD&A services are determine where risk and improvement opportunities lie within an enterprise and gather information, e.g., hardware inventory, vendor lists, product plans, personnel capabilities, governance and controls processes, that will be useful for business changes. Our holistic approach to people, process, and technology is aligned with the client’s overall objectives and desired outcome.

Cogent’s Managing Partner, Marc Hoppers, has recently delivered a presentation on our approach to DD&A. For more information on this approach or to determine whether our DD&A services would match your needs, email Cogent Company at