Get the most from your data

For the past year or so, we are increasingly asked how to think about using that data. Cogent Company’s Founder and Managing Partner, Marc Hoppers, has been presenting this summer to various groups. Recently, he worked with a team in Boston to discuss some of the considerations for handling their data needs… trends in industry, what works and what doesn’t, and how to think about next steps. This link will take you to a version of this presentation that touches on these and other topics.  2013-10-04 22.39.52

In our live workshops, we help companies consider how to approach using data:

  • Do you know what you have?
  • Do you know what you want to get from your data?
  • Do you have skilled personnel in your business that can work with the data?
  • Do you own assets that can help you deliver on your needs?
  • Do you know what’s possible?
We’d enjoy getting a chance to talk to you about your plans, problems, hopes, for what value you might receive from your data that you’re not. Email us to schedule a call to discuss your situation.