Standing between you and the threat

Cyber attacks continue to grow, with cyber thieves in pursuit of personally identifiable data that can be sold on the black market. According to the 2015 Symantec Internet Security Threat report, the past year saw a 23% increase in the number of data breaches.

Learn about some of the top cyber risks and what they may mean for your business, regardless of size. These sample scenarios illuminate the five top cyber risks for businesses and can help demonstrate what can happen to a company as a result of these vulnerabilities.

  • Cyber Risk #1: Human Error: Lost and Stolen Laptops and Smartphones
    Company Profile: Professional Services | $40 Million Annual Revenue
    What happens when an employee loses a smartphone with sensitive computer data?
  • Cyber Risk #2: Hacker
    Company Profile: Retail | $5 Billion Annual Revenue
    How does an attack on a major retailer’s point of sale system affect business?
  • Cyber Risk #3: Spear Phishing: Social Engineering Targeted at Employees
    Company Profile: Business Services | $100 Million Annual Retail
    How does an innocent-looking email lead to online banking fraud?
  • Cyber Risk #4: Extortion
    Company Profile: Construction | $10 million Annual Revenue
    How can extortion by a rogue employee affect business?
  • Cyber Risk #5: Hacktivism: Social and Political “Hactivists”
    Company Profile: Hospitality | $700 Million Annual Revenue
    What happens when weak encryption allows an international hacktivist to access an American hotel’s customer database?

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