About Cogent

Cogent Company is a Dallas-based technology and management consulting firm with a proven track record of helping firms solve complex business issues to gain strategic advantage and improve productivity. We offer our clients a unique blend of business advice and technology expertise through each of our core service offerings:  strategic planning, program and project management, information management/business intelligence (BI), productivity, and digital transformation services.

Cogent was founded in 2005 on two key premises:

  • First, that the rapid improvements and reduction in prices in technology presented an opportunity to help clients improve in any number of ways.
  • Second, that the consulting experiences we had in our past weren’t always valuable for our clients or for us. We believed that there was a way to develop a relationship with a client in a way that would be based on trust and mutual success. Our premise was, and continues to be, that many firms already own technologies that will get them where they want to be from a productivity perspective. We believe that by specializing in these technologies, we can help our clients extract MORE value from existing technologies both in terms of magnitude and frequency. We believe our role as our client’s advisor is to be helpful and honest in pushing our clients’ advantage in their markets.

Cogent’s mission is centered on three focus areas:

  • Service: to deliver outstanding client service
  • Satisfaction: to provide fulfilling careers and professional satisfaction for our team
  • Success: to engage in activities that are focused on the success of others

In the years since we began, we have served customers ranging from publicly traded companies to privately held firms in North America and Europe.  Our client-partnering efforts have earned recognition from our community, legislators, and partners.

Learn more about our commitment to the Institute of Management Consultants code of ethics.