Cogent Careers

Cogent’s consultants are the force behind the innovative solutions and results we deliver to our clients. We take very serious our commitment to our consultants as employees and people. As a leadership team, we believe we have a responsibility to offer the best compensation and benefits we can arrange. We offer our consultants a generous compensation package, including a benefits package not usually seen at firms our size. Whether you are a consultant with application development, business intelligence, project and program management, or business analysis skills, we believe Cogent offers a stimulating, aggressive, practical, and safe place for professionals to practice their trade.

While we believe that we need to provide a great environment for our consultants to work, we also believe in serving our clients and prospective clients… there is no higher calling in our firm. We have to have great individuals who work on great teams to serve our clients well. When it comes to evaluating and adding members to our team, we mean business. We are looking for high caliber, high potential candidates, who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty in projects and implementations and are able to interact with increasingly senior levels of client management. As a consultant candidate, you should expect multiple interviews, case- and situation-based questioning, and a rigorous evaluation of your competence. As you move through your interview process with us, each interviewer will evaluate you along four dimensions:

  • Character
  • Competence
  • Commitment
  • Chemistry

Cogent offers a tremendous opportunity to people who want to continue to learn and make a contribution to both Cogent and our client firms. If you’re looking for an opportunity where you can use your analytic, technical, strategic, and entrepreneurial skills, fulfill your ambition, press your client’s advantage in the markets they serve, and be part of an extraordinarily talented team, we look forward to talking to you.