SharePoint TechFest 2012

On Thursday, May 17th, Cogent Company was title sponsor at SharePoint TechFest 2012 at the Irving Convention Center in Irving, TX.

  • If you were able to make it to TechFest, we hope you enjoyed your day, and we’ve provided much of what you saw from the Cogent team at TechFest.
  • If you weren’t able to make it to TechFest, we hope that you will find the content that the Cogent team provided at TechFest in both our booth and from our speakers.

Cogent was in Booth 408 on the Exhibit Floor, and we had lots going on. Our theme for the day was, “Are You Investing in the Past or the Future.” We had lots of fun finding old technology, and we dug up an old adding machine and type writer from the 50’s.

Business Discovery & Analytics

Business Discovery & Analytics

We contrasted that with two of our favorite current solutions:

  • Business Discovery and Insights. We highlighted our Business Discovery and Insights solution with the 50’s era counting machine. Traditional BI solutions delivered the same thing for years: static monitoring reports that addressed only a fixed set of predetermined questions. But suddenly there’s a radical shift shaking things up, and the force behind the transformation has caught many by surprise. Empowered consumers are demanding the same functionality at work that they get from their personal technology: targeted, task-specific apps that are simple and fun to use, instant answers to any question, advice and opinions from friends and experts, and mobile access to tools and information anywhere, anytime. This solution will demonstrate how to satisfy these capabilities and more with SharePoint, Azure, and QlikView. Here’s a link to the presentation we had in our booth.
  • Social Business Processes. We highlighted our Social Business Processes solution with the 50’s era typewriter. Business processes are a part of every organization. Many are ad hoc in nature, vary in scope and complexity, and may be automated, paper-based, or both. Some are represented by a process diagram, complete with boxes, arrows, decision points, and conclusions. These may look great on paper- if you have them on paper. This solution designed for SharePoint 2010 takes these various business processes and helps organizations add structure and people to process. The result is Social Business Processes that drive effectiveness (making the right decision) and efficiency (doing things right). Here’s a Link to the presentation we had in our booth.
Our friends at CTREC Hilton were in the booth with us last Thursday, and they brought a 32-inch flat screen to give away. We gave away the 32-inch flat screen to our new friend. Upstairs, two of Cogent’s best were presenting their latest findings on two of our hottest developer topics:
  • Building SharePoint UIs without Human Sacrifice… or How to Create Custom SharePoint Ribbons the Easy Way will be presented by Ty Anderson. Ty Anderson is a founding partner at Cogent Company and is in charge of the Custom Application Development and Productivity practices. Ty is a specialist on the Microsoft technology stack and uses his knowledge to architect and build solutions for Cogent’s clients. Ty frequently speaks and writes about Microsoft products, with his work having been published on MSDN,,, and Ty is also the author of two books covering Office development (VSTO) and recently published a Beginning Word 2010 book (all by Apress). Ty has more than 15 years of business and technology consulting experience specializing in business process management, application development, and application integration. Ty has degrees in Accounting and Spanish from Texas Tech University. Here’s a link to Ty’s Prezi presentation.
  • Tripping on SharePoint + Azure will be presented by Ben Collins. Here’s a link to Ben’s presentation. Benjamin Collins is a Senior Consultant at Cogent Company, and a member of the Custom Application Development and Productivity practices. Ben has extensive experience in the Microsoft .NET technology stack, as well as a strong background in cross-platform development and systems programming. He specializes in mobile and SharePoint (and other server-side) application development. Ben is also interested in technically challenging application domains, parallel and distributed computing, and mobile computing, as well as software engineering and application lifecycle management. Ben has over seven years of experience developing high-performance distributed systems and web applications, and has been a software engineer in academic, enterprise, defense, and IT environments, as well as a software development intern at Microsoft. Benjamin holds a Bachelor of Science degree and a Masters of Engineering from Texas A&M University.

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