Microsoft’s mission is to help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential by providing the best software tools for business productivity. Cogent is a registered Microsoft Partner with deep knowledge and expertise in Microsoft’s productivity and data solutions, including Azure, SQL, Office 365, and custom development and integration.
QlikView is a leading Business Discovery platform that enables users to explore live data, make discoveries, and solve unique problems. QlikView business users search and explore, interacting with dynamic dashboards and interactive analytics from any device and forging new paths to insight on their own and in teams and groups.
K2 provides the platform for a new generation of users to collaboratively assemble dynamic business applications from reusable items. With K2, all stakeholders — developers and business users — can use information that already exists and processes that have already been built to create flexible, scalable applications that span employees, departments, organizations and line-of-business systems.
 Armor offers customer-centric security outcomes for retail and eCommerce enterprises, healthcare organizations, payment leaders and financial institutions. Armor protects highly sensitive data for the most security-conscious companies in the world. With its proven cyber security approach and proprietary cloud infrastructure built specifically for security, compliance and performance, responsible businesses choose Armor to reduce their risk.