Data & Analytics Services

Actionable information resulting in better decisions… That is the goal of all of our projects in the Data & Analaytics Services Practice. Cogent is fluent in many business intelligence and analytic tools, but we have deep specialty in leveraging SQL business intelligence tooling and QlikTech’s QlikView product to extract more value from existing systems, specifically including Oracle, SAP, and other line of business systems.

Data Acquisition and Quality

Cogent’s D&A Services Practice has deep experience in helping firms figure out not only how to analyze and present data, but it believes that it all starts with good data. Whether that data is collected manually, through instrumentation, or another system, Cogent understands how to help your firm collect and improve decisions by improving data quality. We believe data quality is critical… it ultimately determines usefulness of the solution. There are numerous angles to consider when evaluating data sourcing and quality.

Data Warehousing

Ability to pull data from disparate sources, manipulate data based on predefined data models and load it into the database. Includes data mining, ETL, OLAP cubes, data acquisition, transformation and synthesis from source systems and integration across diverse sources of data including: Web services, RSS, unstructured and semi-structured.

Reporting and Analysis

Reporting and Analysis refers to the real-time access to critical information to track and measure key financial performance data. This includes detailed, drill-through reporting, performing calculations, data discovery, and analyzing using different dimensions

Performance Management

Solutions using standards, goals, and visualization to align the organization and ultimately tie strategy to accountability. Cogent’s performance management solutions are ultimately tools in the hands of managers to provide operational and financial visibility and drive accountability down through your organization.

Advanced Analytics and Visualization

More and more, our clients are moving to compete on quantitative measures in their firm and in the environment. Cogent believes that as the cost/benefit ratios improve, so will the sophistication and speed to implementation of these solutions. Cogent’s D&A Services Practice is well versed in the models and solution methods to help your firm stop competing on anecdote and ‘best guess’ and move to competing on the facts that past performance indicate for the future by developing and applying models and methods to data to identify patterns and trends. Further to the development of these models, Cogent’s D&A Services Practice specializes in supporting visualization and interpretation, including digital imaging, GIS, GUI, tables, multidimension graphs, VR, 3D, and animation. Depending your data acquisition sources, these advanced analytics models and methods can also allow data manipulation for a real time look at performance data, queries and analysis, and even decision-making.