Advisory Services

Pressing your advantage in the market… we intensely believe in helping our client firms press every advantage in the market. Every organization seeks to not only integrate technology around their business strategy, but to exploit the technology as a means to enable the overall objective(s) and refine the principles and tactics relating to the technologies that the organization uses. Cogent Company has developed a set of technology-related capabilities that primarily focus on:

  • the efficiency of the company’s spending on technology
  • how people… the organization’s customers, partners, and employees… exploit technologies in ways that create value for the organization
  • the full integration of technology-related decisions with the company’s strategies and operating plans.

We believe that technology is an asset for value to be extracted from. It has a lifespan. There is a point when technology faces a diminishing return. At that Advisory Puzzle inflection point, the organization loses its ability to extract value and makes sense to figure out how to find something new that works ‘faster, better, and cheaper’ than the old technology. We don’t believe in jumping into a shiny new technology for the sake of the technology. We believe that organizations should ‘sweat their assets,’ including their technology assets but constantly be looking for ways to innovate. This thinking permeates our Advisory Services Practice, and we will bring that attitude to your engagement.

Here are some of the problems we can help clients with:

Technology Assessment and Transformation

Examining the IT department has become a critical part of a company’s understanding of how it can change and at what rate. IT Due Diligence has 2 primary goals:

  1. Determine where risk and improvement opportunities lie within an enterprise.
  2. Gather information, e.g. hardware inventory, vendor lists, product plans, that will be useful for business changes.

Topics covered include the Components to Due Diligence, 7-Step IT Due Diligence Process, IT Documents Request List, Transition Plan, Risk Assessment, Current State Assessment, and IT Due Diligence Report.

Digital Transformation

We help clients overcome the challenges of complexity, cost, and time frame often associated with major infrastructure transformation projects. Whether you’re trying to extract value from an aging workforce, an outsourcing/offshore vendor, a software/hardware contract, a custom solution that incorporates a whole bunch of factors that seem overwhelming, Cogent’s consultants can help you determine a path forward to press your advantage in the market.

Solution Roadmap Development

Merger/Acquisition Technology Planning and Integration

Since its formation, Cogent has performed pre-merger analysis and post-merger integration services. Cogent has developed a pre-merger integration analysis process that helps acquiring or investment firms assess the capability of their technology management teams, processes, and technologies. While managing the risk before a merger/acquisition situation is critical, Cogent’s consultants are also called in to determine how to manage the post-merger/acquisition integration to extract all the planned value from pre-merger/acquisition planning.

Portfolio, Program, and Project Management

We help clients balance the supply and demand of technology resources, eliminate redundancy, and enable better alignment with strategic goals. Cogent has developed a proprietary management method groups of projects that has been refined over time to balance and extract the most value possible from a firm’s investments. Management solutions enable alignment of people, investments, and work with business priorities, automation of project management processes, management of portfolios, creation of effective communication and collaboration across the organization; and management of work from ad-hoc projects to complex programs across the entire project lifecycle across the entire project lifecycle.

Organization and Governance

We help clients develop and implement comprehensive approaches to IT governance that are tailored to the organization’s specific needs. We work with several models that help our clients firms press their advantage in the market… we help them determine whether and how to invest in technology and people to create leverage in the business. How to organize… how to structure… how to manage… Cogent’s consultants are well prepared to work with your finance, operations, and technology teams to determine a path forward.